Pure Linen Duvet Covers & Bedding

Making the Best Choice for Your Linen Bedding : Pure Linen Duvet Covers

There’s no activity in the world quite as vital as sleep and after a recent investigation undertaken by Australian researchers, it was discovered that 7 out of 10 adults blame their bedding for a poor night’s sleep. These days, duvet covers and linen bedding are available on most high streets, but by taking a little more time to decide on the best one for you – you could be improving your sleeping routine no-end.

When choosing the best type for your needs, there are a few things to think about. Let’s get to know each of them now.

Comfort of Linen

linenshed pure linen quilt & duvet coversYour comfort at night should be a top priority and if you aren’t comfortable while you’re asleep, then you definitely won’t wake up as refreshed as you could do with a finer set of sheets. Linen is one of the softest fabrics available, although there are different thicknesses to consider. For a plusher, more cushioned feel – opt for thicker types of the material. Thinner alternatives are ideal for duvet covers, but can be great for pillows too; as they are far more breathable.

Style For Your Bedroom

In the old days, linen was fairly limited to a particular set of colours – and this would depend on the types of dyes available. These days however, the best linen fabrics which you can find at MaddieG Designs boast a range of schemes and styles that are capable of matching any interior décor. If a bedroom features a particular colour scheme, then it makes sense to purchase matching linens to complement the overall aesthetic.

Price that You Can Afford

Being one of the most widely used fabrics types has its advantages. Although not as popular as cotton, nor as durable as polyester – linen offers its own variety of features that more than make up for the difference in price. These days, it’s entirely possible to purchase a bed spread make of this material for a similar cost to a lower-quality alternative. Depending on the brand and quality, the price may vary slightly – but linen still very affordable for the benefits.

Functionality Without Losing Style

The main reason that we change our bed sheets is to minimise bacteria growth and provide a fresh night’s sleep for the next week or two. Linen is unlike any other material in the sense that it is able to deter liquid from being absorbed, it can fight bacterial build-ups and it will retain its colour for years without fading. It’s also very comfortable which should be a top priority and as each fibre comprising the bedding will be expertly woven, your sheets should remain comfortable well into the future. See more on Linenshed here